Functional Medicine Practitioner

what is nutritional THERAPY?

Today we are all exposed to more nutritional information than ever before, the do’s and don’ts change with alarming regularity. Generally, we know more of the science behind what we eat than generations before, although the whole picture is rarely clear.

Today we are faced with an enormous amount of food choices and temptations, without an in depth understanding of food's production processes and how they may compromise the nutritional values of this food.

The Human body sustained itself for hundreds of thousands of years through foraging, hunting and gathering, providing a hugely varied and wholesome diet with the providing full nutritional value for man to thrive and perform.   Vital vitamins and nutrients our bodies once thrived upon, are so often heavily compromised by modern food production, the increased pace of life, and the levels of toxicity in our environment, leaving us even further depleted.

To function at our optimum in today’s world to function at our optimum we need to go beyond just counting calories. Correctly adjusting our diet and nutritional profile to better suit our biochemical individuality can help break through the weight loss plateaus, significantly increasing energy levels, enhancing sports performance, boosting immunity, improving your mood, sleep quality and effectiveness, and transforming hair and skin.  Most importantly it will give you back a healthy gut, which is the true catalyst to so many health issues today.